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Bistro Biser Maslenica


Bistro "Biser" was founded in 2004. First it was located in Maslenica as part of a family house where we gained experience and knowledge in the field of gastronomy by the end of 2015., and in 2016. we entered into a new project, we opened a novelist restaurant on the Riva in Maslenica. Bistro Biser is located on the Maslenica riviera, and it  is proud of Maslenica and it's inhabitants. A special impression on our guests leaves the perfect harmony of interior with the natural resources surrounding the restaurant, which is a kind of oasis of peace and relaxation.


Bistro "Biser" represents a unique combination of traditional, ambience and contemporary approach to gastronomy. We offer a wide range of homemade, traditional and international cuisine, along with a varied selection of top quality local wines of renowned winemakers. With  the a'la carte offer, we also provide services of smaller occasional events (various ceremonies, business meetings, birthdays, engagements, etc.) for groups of guests up to a maximum of 50 people. The Menu is arranged individualy, depending on the needs and wishes of the guest.


Our team of chefs, along with their recipes, the way of preparation, and the love they bring into making their own culinary creations, makes them a small art artist. In the offer you can find a wide range of dishes what we offer from cold, warm appetizers, soups, main fish and meat dishes, pizza, pasta, and various desserts. 


In indispensable part is also kind staff who with ther professional approach make a plesant stay for You in our Restaurant.


Bistro "Biser" is a place where lovers of top gastronomy are happy to return and remember the beautiful moments spent in our Restaurant. Always at Yout servi because we are here for You.


Your Bistro Biser Team

Logo Biser 2017

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